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Pet Supplies

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When you visit Petopia in Lynchburg VA you will find a LARGE SELECTION of quality pet food and supplies that allows you to provide the HEALTHY diet your beloved pet deserves.

We are a LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED Pet & Supply store that takes pride in giving our family of pet owners the healthy food they are looking for to take good care of the animals in their family.

Pet Food & Pet Supplies in Lynchburg VA

To make it easier on you, we offer everything that you need to care for your pet and keep them healthy.

We have a wide selection of pet cages, INCLUDING small cages for hamsters, hutches, outdoor cages, and even multilevel cages.

PLUS You will also find all of the accessories you need for your cage.

We also carry clothing and specialty items for your pets, as well as brands of food, such as Royal Canin™, Blue Buffalo™, and Eukanuba™.

At Petopia, we also have a wide selection of chew toys for your animal. You name it and we have it for your pet. 

If we do not have a product you are looking for then we will gladly order it!